Christian Darque Photographic Art | Clients




Model Sydney Brewery Campaign

"Thank you, fantastic shots, I LOVE them all!"


Penthouse: October 2015

Double Page Spread


Russell Crowe: 


"Christian finds beauty in the shadows and the shadows in beauty"


Richard Feyn: 

Sales & Marketing Manager
Lovedale Brewery

"Amazing shots, again!"


Jane Evans: MD

Giant Leap Marketing

"You guys have done it again, great shots!"



Nostalgia Media Group
Kaato Album Launch

"Man, some great shots there, you did an outstanding job"


Mario Milostic:

Graphic Designer

"I didn't have a chance to see the photos until yesterday morning and was so impressed and blown away by the number of photos that I really loved.

Thank you again for your time, talent and passion. It was so refreshing and a joy to witness, looking forward to the opportunity of working (creating) with you again. Have a wonderful day"


Zen Crew: 

"Awesome shots, our website looks killer"


Allan, Portraits Plus: 

"Great shots, you managed to make magic from the everyday, great samples for our mag!"


Music Oz Awards, Sydney Opera House: 

"You did it, you captured the night"


David, VM: 

"Thanks so much, exactly what we needed"


Kevin McLaren:

Knowledge To Action


"Viewing the photos now.....I love them...

If anyone ever asks me to recommend a  photographer I will pass along your details."