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Limited Edition Prints

This site is primarily about the art of photography.
I take photographs because I love doing so.

All the photographs in the GALLERY are for sale as limited edition prints.

Photographs in the BLACK & WHITE and also the COLOUR sections may be purchased on enquiry, so feel free to contact us with any specific requests.

More photographs will be added for sale in the near future.

HomeDec Photography

We produce localised Australian landscapes, street photography and lifescapes that we refer to as HomeDec Photography.

High quality large prints with the sole purpose of being mounted in your home, office, workplace or waiting room, selected for their bold eye catching composition and subjects.

We do not sell digital copies so these photographs remain very much in a limited edition category.

When ordering, keep in mind the majority of shots on offer have been shot in an aspect ratio of 3:2

This equates to a printed size of approximately 90cm x 60cm for your order. We can, on request, print photographs at a variety of aspect ratios and sizes.

The 3:2 aspect ratio (60 x 90) is a common size and this assists in you being able to find a larger variety of frame styles in which to mount your print.

Please feel free to contact us HERE to ask any questions or to a request a customer order.

Commercial Photographic Services

We also provide a Commercial Photography Service encompassing advertising campaigns, creative art and commercial events.

Please visit our Clients section to see some examples.



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